Top Place to Visit: Melbourne

It is really difficult sometimes to put a list together of places to visit within a place you yourself may never have experienced. There’s plenty on the internet that can tell you where the most exciting or beautiful places to go across Melbourne are but what you need is personal recommendation to really gain the best experience. Melbourne has a lot to offer and is packed with activities, excitement and fun so knowing where you want to be on a daily basis and ticking off all those exciting places can really make your holiday.


If you’ve booked yourself into serviced apartments such as you may find leaflets, booklets and posters splashed with exciting places you should visit. They may even have some great discount vouchers available with money off each place you want to go. When you choose a serviced apartment you truly choose an all-round service so make sure you visit and book your extras for checking in and out as well as parking – there’s nothing like perusing the days itinerary over a beautiful cup of hot coffee that is made for you! Using the free tram service in the CBD is far more cost effective than paying for parking across the city. So, once you’ve had your free continental breakfast with Apartments of Melbourne where do you go?

Beaches should most definitely be on the top of your list and Melbourne and Victoria as a whole have a lot of these to offer. You’ve got to hit St Kilda: It’s one of the most popular Port Phillip beaches and it’s a beautifully wide and sandy beach great for sunbathing or activities with the family! Melbourne has 16 beaches altogether so you’ll never be stuck for choice. Keeping your sun cream and after sun care in the integrated fridge in your apartment can help cool off after a long day!

Are you travelling with someone who is majorly into dinosaurs? You’ll definitely love the Melbourne Museum. There is a fantastic dinosaur walk showcasing skeletons of prehistoric animals and the Museum houses the Melbourne IMAX, the most immersive movie experience in the world.

Melbourne is chock full of a huge range of bars, cafes and restaurants. The food is exquisite and is a mix of cultures so there’s something for everyone’s taste. Alongside the best places to eat are supermarkets and malls so you can pick up ingredients to cook for yourself in your apartment kitchen. Of course the idea of a holiday is to have someone cook for you and serve your food but there’s something simply romantic about buying your own ingredients and dining out on your balcony! If you’re a music lover then make a point of visiting the local clubs, pubs and theatres. Cover bands, comedy and stand up karaoke shows, Melbourne’s nightlife is hot as can be! Jazz and blues clubs are around the city as well as local and international live bands performing. Visit the casino and the local cinemas for the best in entertainment and really wear yourself out.




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Places to Visit: Melbourne

There’s nothing like a decent city where you can’t see the stars for the twenty four hour lights, noise and constant activity. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though and Melbourne is of course, a hotbed of culture, noise and city life. There are tons of clubs, pubs, bars and blossoming skyscrapers that reach endlessly toward the sky and that can be wonderful if fast paced and loud is what you enjoy. The city that doesn’t sleep is so exciting from the country bumpkin visitor but not so exciting for someone who has to live in a constant thrum of muttering. Imagine hearing a constant low hum in your ear and you can’t turn it off? Yeah, that’s city life. You cannot turn it off – the cars, the sirens, the laughter and clinking of restaurants. It’s an adrenaline rush to visit and live in. It can also be a little crowded sometimes. So let’s think of ways you can embrace the great outdoors in Melbourne. With a city of four million people in front of you, it’s easy to forget there’s more than just museums to look at.

10065614765_f0a7c55d40_zIf you have made a point of visiting the popular and iconic sports stadiums at their finest, if you’ve watched surfers carve up with waves with their surfboards and enjoyed the warmth of the sand, you’ve sampled superb cuisine and you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, there is just one more thing you need to embrace. What else is there to do that can excite you but relax you all at the same time? Have you thought about Melbourne’s natural landscapes? There’s nothing like utilising serviced apartments’ kitchen facilities and packing yourselves a picnic the night before a day out. Take yourself into nature and surround yourself with wildlife, age old trees and extremely well-manicured lawns. There’s a pocket of tranquillity in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

  • The Royal Botanical Gardens have been around since the mid-1880s and are a labyrinth of winding trees, weaving paths and wide stretching lawns. Spread out that picnic and breathe in the green!
  • There are over 10,000 individual species in the Botanical Gardens but one thing you will find here better than anywhere else is the Moonlight Cinema. Advance screenings, new releases and cult movies all on the Central Lawn, snuggle down with a drink and a nibble and enjoy a film under the stars.
  • If you’re a fan of the water, Melbourne’s many beaches and waterside cafes are for you. St Kilda is a very popular spot for a dip as is Elwood but if you prefer to get on a boat, Hampton and Sandringham are not far.
  • Hampton Beach isn’t only a tranquil place to relax but it’s great for families with a playground and a cycling path nearby for the exercise-conscious. The beach is safe, sandy and perfect for a day lounging and breathing in that ocean-rich air.

No matter what your choice of activity, visiting and booking your holiday accommodation will be the best choice you make. Central apartments with flexible check in and excellent parking facilities are all you need on your visit to Melbourne. Make it count!



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3 Things To Do in Samoens Luxury Ski Chalets During Holidays

When the holiday comes and the winter season starts to create snow that makes the place so perfect for skiing and snowboarding, Samoens is the perfect location to spend your holiday vacation. Samoens have beautiful mountain views that makes the guests all over the world come back again and again. One vacation stop that is well known in Samoens is the luxury ski chalets that are available nearby. If you want to spend the holiday with some luxurious vibe along with some adventure of an outdoor activities, then booking in a chalet Samoens in france would be a perfect idea. Here are three things you can do when you book in a luxury ski chalets in Samoens during holidays.


1. Enjoy the outdoor activities such as skiing
The luxury ski chalet is a place for outdoor activities such as skiing. If you spend a vacation there, then you can engage in skiing and even snowboarding. The place is snowy and really good for this kind od outdoor activities. You will enjoy the adventurous part of your holiday vacation, and the best part of it is that you can bring your family in this place because even small children can do the skiing with the proper supervision of guardians and the experts securing the place for everybody’s safety.

2. Eat different food and try different wine that is served
In a luxury ski chalet, a variety of food and wines will be available for the guests. Most luxury ski chalet has their professional chefs that prepare their menu and food that is served to their clients. They make sure that every food they cook is freshly seen by the guests and it will make them crave for more. Also, their wide collection of wines are a must try since a good food will be complete with a good wine. So enjoying the food in a luxury ski chalet is just another thing to do in that place.

3. Pamper yourself with hot tubs or jacuzzi while watching the beautiful mountain views
Another thing to do in a luxury ski chalet when on a holiday vacation is to pamper yourself with hot tubs or jacuzzi. While doing this, you can watch the amazing views of the mountain and feel serene with the place. This would be a perfect treat for yourself after the long day of skiing or snowboarding activity outdoors. Relaxation and peace of mind will be achieved when you stay in this place.

So if you think that you will enjoy spending your next holiday vacation in a luxury ski chalet, book now over You will never regret that you will try this holiday vacation ever. You and your family will surely have fun and enjoyable holiday vacation in a luxury ski chalet. So do not miss a chance to try the activities or things listed above. Just enjoy the place, engage with the activities, try out their delicious food, and pamper yourself with hot tubs and the beautiful mountain views. It would be the best holiday vacation for you.

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Why Melbourne Is The Best Place For Travel Vacation?

Why Melbourne Is The Best Place For Travel Vacation?

Melbourne which is part of Australia has the nice places of tourist destination that many would love to see at glance. It was surrounded with different attractions which makes travellers decide for a comeback. From its beautiful parks, historical museum and other landmarks, it was splendid with a nice scenic view which is best for newly wed couples, family reunions, and friend get togethers.

Here are some places that mark the beauty of Melbourne city;

Melbourne’s Visitor Centre

melbourne-966465__180This souvenir shop which is found in Federation Square offers a lot of selling brochures, creative handcrafts, maps and a bulletin of festival lists of the city, you can also get free travel booklets to get tour details about Melbourne. If you are looking for accommodation near this place check

Street Art

This artistic creation on the street will entice you to take photos and make it your background. It manifests the places within the city.

Laneways and arcades

This place is good for those who want to chill and take some drinks for a while you’re roaming around the city. This won’t get you bored because it has a nice and beautiful ambiance that everybody would love to visit.

Cook’s Cottage

Enjoy the nature’s view along the city of Melbourne where this historic heritage gives you a nice scenery and breath taking view of the trees and clean and green surroundings.

Children’s attractions

If you have kids with you, you can bring them to Melbourne where that place has provided a mini zoo park, museums and ice skating place while enjoying the tour in Melbourne. See to help you find around this area.

Fitzroy Garden

For those who love to see green plants and landscape gardens you can visit the known Fitzroy garden in Melbourne. While you’re enjoying your sightseeing you can take photos for souvenirs. This is a good place to keep your eyes relaxed sometimes.

Coffee shops

If you want to take some coffee and try the Melbournian sweet tastes coffee then you can visit their different ambiance of coffee store. Sit and relax and think happiness while you are in Melbourne city.

Queen Victoria Market

For those who loves shopping and roaming around the malls and explore the different shops, Here in Melbourne you can visit Queen Victoria Market and discover the different stores of Melbourne’s finest. Shop with their tempting selective items and bring it with you in your home for displays and or shop Melbourne’s high demand products and enjoy.

So here are the best places to visit in Melbourne, and those places you shouldn’t miss in your whole life. Although there are other areas you can explore but Melbourne is the best option to go first among the other places in Australia. Aside from that if you want to have a very easy travel, this place is abundant with trains and buses so nothing to worry going from one destination to other destination around Melbourne. If you are looking perfect accommodation whether for family, group of friends or for couple checking at is the right thing to do.

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River Thames Boat Adventure

River Thames Boat Adventure

Body stress is a kind of phenomena that is unwanted and unavoidable. Every day, we tend to over work our body and will surely result to the weakening of one’s body and mind. We have to always remember that once in a while, we should reward our self and engaged it to a more fun activity that will surely wipe away the negative vibes flowing around us. And one way on how to positively deal with stress is through boating in River Thames.

As a sort of self-reward, boating in River Thames is a perfect get away of stress, see here for more info Through this way, you will be able to indulge the beauty of nature and relax through the different places it offers. Boating in River Thames is an activity that is both adventurous and for leisure. This will surely fit your thirst for relaxation and stress free environment.


River Passage

The River Thames has many passage that will feature picturesque English cities, town and villages as it passes through Thames Head found in Cotswold then to the Thames Estuary found beyond London. It will surely offer you the most appealing and attractive cruising that will show the most prominent and stunning locations around UK. River Thames in non-tidal above Teddington right through the Oxford. It will make a positive deal for the first timers and those who are experienced in this activity.


Navigable Length

River Thames has a navigable length of 124 miles and it has forty-five (45) locks that also has lockkeeper. It is navigable through these places: River Thames boating Holiday in Oxford, Windsor, Marlow, Henley-on-Thames, Reading and Abingdon, town of Lechlade, Teddington Lock. All of these places are reachable by a boat and will surely be an enjoyable tour and trip for the family and friends.

ThamesBoultersLock (129)A Must Places in River Thames

To have a complete London experience, one must not be able to miss out River Thames cruise. In this way, historical and iconic landmarks are seen before eyes.

The Westminster Pier is where you can have an overlooking view of the one of the most iconic spot in London, Big Ben. This is also the perfect place to have a great shot of Big Ben because of its location. You can also visit the Churchill War Rooms and Horse Guards located in the area.

Another location to visit when river cruising along River Thames is the Tower Pier. It is considered to be a hot spot and one of the most visited in the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Also, a Victorian Landmark will be the first bridge that is found across the River Thames.

You can now travel east to the River Thames and see the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Also in this place, you can locate the historic Cutty Stark.

What is the most effective way to escape stress? What is better than having a river boat adventure? Unwind the hidden River Thames treasures! This will surely mark a memory that is worth the wait, time, money and energy so what are you waiting for? Book your next adventure at

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Tips for Choosing the Right Caravan for You

Tips for Choosing the Right Caravan for You

It is a good thing that you have decided to buy a caravan for your upcoming caravan trip booked with But the question is, what should you do now? With the many choices out there, it can get a little overwhelming to choose the right caravan. There are many things that you could base your decision on for purchasing a caravan. Some choose a caravan because of the furnishing and there are those that choose a caravan based on the manufacturer. So what are the things that you should be thinking about when purchasing a caravan.

Your vehicle’s towing capacity will greatly affect your choice of caravan, unless you are willing to change your towing vehicle. If you want to know the weight of the caravan that your vehicle will be able to tow comfortably, then you can check your handbook. Look for the kerbweight of your car in the handbook. Divide this number by 100 then multiply the answer by eighty-five. You should also check the towing limit of your car and ensure that you stay within this limit.


Before you  drive off with your caravan in tow, make sure that you check the limit of your driving license. If you had taken your driving test and gotten your driving license on or before January 1, 1997 then you should not have any problems. You will not have much problems because you will not have problems when it comes to the combination that you can tow. The combination weight that you can tow is up to 8,250 kg. But if you got your license at a much later date, then you will most likely have restrictions.

If you will be towing a large caravan for the first time, it can be quite intimidating. It takes up a lot of road space. So if you will be towing a caravan for the first time, it is a good idea to begin with smaller caravans. As you start gaining confidence, you can slowly upgrade to bigger ones. Smaller caravans might be cramped but it has its advantages. It is cheaper to pay for smaller caravans on ferries and you will not have a hard time maneuvering it on narrower roads.

There will be instances when you might have time to travel and you might have to store the caravan for more than a year. If you will not be traveling, do you have a place to store the caravan in? You can actually get a caravan that will fit in the standard garage. It is also more efficient to tow these caravans on the road. But if you want a lower unit, you might want to consider getting a folding camper.

If you are not too sure about getting a caravan of your own just yet, then you can always rent a caravan first to see how it works for you. You can try checking online websites or magazines. When you have tried out a particular caravan, it is easier for you to decide whether or not you should buy that caravan.

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What to Consider Before Renting Out Chartered Yachts

You want to enjoy a vacation where you get to spend time enjoying the sea. You have always wanted to be in one of those chartered yachts around and you decided that this time would be the perfect occasion for that. You know that there are a lot of choices that you can find at about the names of providers that can rent you out the vessel that you need. But you need to be sure that you are getting the right vessel with the right arrangements this time. Here are tips.

Before you start to check out the different available yachts that are for hire at, you have to see to it that you know what you are looking for. You have to decide on the size of the vessel that you want to rent out first. It would be a lot easier for you to successfully shortlist the number of choices that are preset for you if you will have an idea of what kind of vessel that you want.


To make sure that you will choose the right size, determine the number of people that are expected to come along with you. This is a good idea as this will help make it possible for you to determine what kind of arrangement is going to suit your needs very well. You will need to decide who are the people that are going to be coming along with you so the arrangements that you will be making later on are going to be right and appropriate towards getting everybody duly accommodated while on board with you.

Your budget should also be taken into consideration too. Of course, there is only so much that you can afford to spend. When going on these kinds of trips. Naturally, you need to be aware of how much it is that you are willing to spend first before you will start looking for possible providers that can rent you what you need. This is quite helpful in ensuring that you will not go beyond what you can truly afford to spend. Also, whatever budget you set, stick to it as well.

Decide on the crew that you would need for the yachts as well. Some people do not really mind t idea of having to do the sailing on their own. You can do the same too if you have the necessary credentials, experience and capabilities for the task. You can also consider the capabilities of the people who will be with you that can help you man the boat. But in the event that you are a not an experienced sailor, you can always opt to have designated crew to maneuver the vessel for you.

Prepare an itinerary of where you intend to go and which places you intend to visit as well. You have to decide in the length of time that you would expect to be traveling as well. This is crucial so you are sure that you will not have a hard time discussing with the yacht companies of your travel plans and how they can help make the whole trip a very pleasant experience for you.

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Steps in choosing the best fishing charter

Fishing is indeed one of the best ways to let that stress out. As a matter of fact, it is a hobby that every person can develop because it is fun and it is a way where you can be with other people. For some, fishing is just going on a family trip by the mountains and lakes. But for some, it is an adventure of a lifetime because they will go on a trip and choose a fishing charter. It is like traveling, fishing, and enjoying every bit of your vacation.

Since there are so many fishing charters in the world or in your area, let us look into some steps on how to choose the right fishing charter for you.


The first thing that you must consider is the kind of fishing that you want to try. Every area has its own strength of fishing and also there are different kinds of fishing. For instance, you can try fly fishing. You should also be able to decide as to what kind of fish do you want to catch as some charter captains are very much willing to assist you with this.


The next step that you should do is to determine your budget. You have to be prepared with the money because going on fishing charter is not really a cheap choice but surely a lot of charter captains would say it is worth every cent. Usually, you are going to pay for the entire boat, the services of the captain, and the services of the crew. If you have more guests then surely the price that you will pay will be bigger.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many fishing charters so you can always search the internet for some of the most famous ones. You can also ask your family members and your friends for some recommendations. You should also check on what do you really want so that you can check on the different services that these charters offer. If they match then surely you are on the right track. In case you do not know where to start, you can check out

The fourth thing that you must do is to shortlist the fishing charters you have chosen. Then you can personally ask or call each of the captains. Check on who is willing to help you have a good time and who is just asking for more money. This could surely help you out.


Lastly, check on the boat personally if this is what you have just imagined. Moreover, for your safety it is also best to know if they are licensed by the coast guard so that in case of emergencies you will be rescued. Check also if they have the necessary documents to operate.


In summary, if you want to go on a fishing charter, you can follow the steps in choosing the right one for you. The guide helps you in having the best fishing experience in your lifetime.

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